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We design and implement programs and events for the community to be involved in the social change process. We're bringing together people from all walks of life who want to play a part in creating a happier society for everyone.


We believe anyone can be a change-maker; through new thoughts, simple beliefs and small actions.


Any meaningful contribution is worth being encouraged.  If you have the passion and conviction, the beginnings need not be big.


Community Clean Up

We organise regular community clean ups, working with members of the community, young people and partners. Local young people who attend our youth club are empowered to take up responsibility for the area they live in. They have been the driving force to make the local community a safer and cleaner environment for all. We work with local organisations, Neighbourhood Forums and West Midlands Police and are developing a long term strategy to deal with this growing issue.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Workshops;  When setting up an enterprise you can sometimes feel alone on the journey,and that’s why it’s vital to learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you. With this in mind, we have started a group for local women who are or are thinking of being mumpreneurs or fempreneurs.   To give them the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to make their idea a reality.  We provide information for start ups, online selling and other essentials  but we focus on the parts that are most important to local women in a social enterprise. Time management, Money management, marketing etc.  Social enterprises have some unique challenges. For example in a social enterprise you don’t just have to worry about keeping the customer satisfied. You have to satisfy your social ambitions too – whether that means serving a community, protecting the environment or solving a social problem.

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