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We are a creative, innovative and flexible organisation,  offering personal support and experiential learning opportunities  which develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability. Personal development is a lifelong process. It's a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.

BMX Project

BMXing (Bicycle Motocross) is a craze that has inspired and enabled thousands of individuals both young and old over the decades to entertain, create and achieve monumental feats the world over. The sport originated in the states in the early 1970s when children began racing their bicycles on dirt tracks in southern California, inspired by the motocross Stars of the time. Due to local demand, we have bought this sport to Bordesley Green. Our sessions run on Mondays, 5 -6pm @ The Pod, Skatepark, 1 Geranium Grove, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, B9 5HQ.  Run by qualified BMX instructors, for young people aged 11-18, all abilities are welcome. We have opportunities to compete in tournaments for individuals and bespoke pathways for members. Keep up to date about sessions via our social media platforms or pop in to The Pod.

Youth Club

We run youth activities four evenings a week for young people aged 11 and over. We provide them with a wide range of recreational and learning opportunities. We have pool tables, consoles and ICT/ Computer rooms where they are able to do their homework, surf the web safely and play computer games. We have developed a number of successful and innovative community projects that have focused on the development of the children’s personal and social skills. Our driving ambition is to raise the aspirations of children and young people, we support young people through a range of innovative programmes to gain life-skills that build confidence, resilience and make them more employable. What we do enables young people to develop the tools they need for life, work and a better future.

Sailing - Cirdan Trust

Our Community CIC and Bordesley Green Detached Project took local young people on a voyage across the English Channel and the North Sea. Young people worked as a team to sail the ship, tasks involved sailing the ship, cleaning, washing, cooking, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the crew onboard. We sailed the Faramir, a beautiful ship which was great fun, a once in a life time opportunity for many. For more photos please visit our facebook and twitter page.

Women's Group

Our Community CIC hold regular workshops aimed at women in the community.  The project named “Women Empowering Women” is an initiative aimed at bringing women together, to highlight and raise awareness of societal situations that affect us all on a daily basis.  This is achieved by empowering individuals with practical support thus enabling women to make informed decisions based on situation and circumstances.

A broad range of topics have been covered within these workshops from; Self Confidence, Social inequality, Domestic Violence, Inspirational figures within history and families.  Topics such as these have the propensity to evoke strong emotions treated with the strictest of confidence local women have also spoken about their own journeys from lost to found.

We are currently working in partnership with another local organisation “The Jet Shop” NCS scheme by doing so  we have been able to offer free electric appliances for careers advice, to date over 200 women have benefited from taking advantage of this scheme by attending the sessions.

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