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Our nation’s future relies on a well-educated public to be wise stewards of the very environment that sustains us, our families and communities, and future generations. It is environmental education which can best help us as individuals make the complex, conceptual connections between economic prosperity, benefits to society, environmental health, and our own well being. Ultimately, the collective wisdom of our citizens, gained through education, will be the most compelling and most successful strategy for environmental management.

Community Clean Up

As part of the ongoing need to improve our local community, we organised a community clear up in partnership with Bordesley Green Forum and our Elected Members/ Councillors’. The huge support we had from local residents, children and young people was amazing. Many of the youngsters participating attend activities we deliver at The Pod/ Skatepark and they worked alongside representatives from Birmingham City Council and Midland Heart Housing Association. In total, two large skips were filled with mattresses, settees and fridge freezers. With over 30 bags full of rubbish/ litter were collected and thrown away.

Councillor Mohammed Aikhlaq said: “I’m delighted to see so many children getting involved with this litter pick, it shows they care about the area and want to see a better environment to play in”.


Fly tipping is an ongoing issue in the area, we have highlighted the need to clamp down on this type of activity, through CCTV investment, Police patrols and fines for culprits. We feel, this hard line approach combined with educating newly arrived communities should help reduce the level of dumping in the area.

Bordesley Green Forum provided the equipment and refreshments and thanks must go to our colleague Snouber Sharif who encouraged local families to get involved. We would like to thank all people who volunteered to support our community and we will keep you up to date about any future events via our website and social media platforms.

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