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The past is all around us. We live our lives against a rich tapestry formed by historic buildings, landscapes and other physical survivals of our past. But the historic environment is more than just a matter of material remains. It is central to how we see ourselves and to our identity as individuals, communities and as a nation. It is a physical record of what our country is and how it came to be. Building materials and styles can define region’s localities and communities. Historic landscapes or iconic buildings can become a focus of community identity and pride. At a more local level a historic church or park can help define a neighbourhood and create a sense of local cohesion.

From Mirpur to Birmingham

The project focuses on the experiences of those who have firsthand accounts of the amazing life changing journey from Mirpur (and surrounding areas), in Azad Kashmir to Birmingham, England.

Led by enthusiastic volunteers from the diverse Birmingham community, the project will enable young people  to work with professionals and first , second generation elders to explore the history surrounding the journey and find out in detail the firsthand accounts of those who were fortunate to experience the transformation from being a ‘Mirpuri’ to a ‘Brummie’. This journey will educate all and give a greater understanding about the hardships and struggles endured and the families who departed from their homeland to make the journey in the 1960’s, and the subsequent community which continues to grow in their achievements and contributions within and beyond 2013.


Through this project, we hope there will be a greater understanding of different generational experiences  and create new and build on existing links between the younger and elder generations within the community, providing for a better platform for engagement.

The project will give participants a deeper understanding of the experiences of past generations on the journey and subsequent settlement of the people from Mirpur within Birmingham. The project will equip the participants with valuable skills and experiences such as oral history, filming, cataloguing and archiving skills, whilst exposing them to a past never documented before. The journey will be captured and then exhibited to educate young people born in Birmingham but have parents from Mirpur and people from other backgrounds and all walks of life.

The project will form an on-line archive, an exhibition and findings will be archived at the New Library of Birmingham.

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Culture Shock


In essence Culture Shock is about sharing ideas, tradition, belief & cultures through music.

In just one week, with no preparation, a team of Birmingham’s best & most culturally diverse musicians come together to compose & produce a performance of brand new compositions to be performed on the 28th of Sept.

During five days of intensive workshops our gifted musicians, each representing very diverse musical traditions, work collaboratively to compose music which represents each of their musical styles.

On the sixth day they’ll share the music they’ve created in a one off performance in the beautiful St Anne’s Church on Park Hill in Moseley, Birmingham.

After the amazing success of Culture Shock 2012 the team are now working to bring you Culture Shock 2013.



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